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Quickstart Guide

In many cases, getting data into a software package is the hardest step and usually results in a dislike of the program instantly

VEKTOR DIREKTOR has addressed this issue with the easiest and most intuitive data import and analysis workflow. Click here to access the VEKTOR DIREKTOR Quick Start Installation and Basic Usage manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What operating systems does VEKTOR DIREKTOR support?
  • What methods of analysis does VEKTOR DIREKTOR have?
  • Can VEKTOR DIREKTOR models be used by third-party applications?
  • What type of data does VEKTOR DIREKTOR analyse?
  • What languages does VEKTOR DIREKTOR support?


VEKTOR DIREKTOR has been developed using a strict Software Lifecycle Development Model (SLDM) which makes it not only reliable, but also validated against external test scripts.

Furthermore, why trust your data analysis to freeware, where no quality control or validation has been performed?

Full lifecycle documentation has been prepared for VEKTOR DIREKTOR that can be purchased separately for users in the regulated industries, where reliability and validation are a must.