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Easy to use multivariate data analysis software for Industry, Research & Academia

Industrial Analytics

Modern industrial processes are highly automated and generate large volumes of digital data. This data can be mined and important information extracted that can be used to improve quality, reduce costs and improve throughput.

VEKTOR DIREKTOR models can be integrated with modern process control and process analytic systems for feed-forward/feed-back control and real-time prediction of process faults before they even occur.

Research & Development

Bringing new drug products to market or assessing whether a new ecosystem is capable of sustaining life are but only few questions to be answered in research and development institutes.

VEKTOR DIREKTOR provides the data analytical tools to assess data generated from multiple discrete variables, surveys or the outputs of spectroscopic and chromatographic instruments and extract important information that may be missed using other methods of data analysis.


There are two approaches to chemometrics in academia; scripting using scientific computing languages and commercially available, tested and validated software.

VEKTOR DIREKTOR removes the need for programming and manually generating the results of multivariate analysis by providing a software platform that can be used as a teaching tool, or for analysing research based data for publications and presentations.

Global focus on Industry, Research and Academia

Fine Chemicals | Pharmaceutical Manufacturing | Oil and Gas | Food and Beverage | Research Organisations | Universities

Turning Data into Information, then into Business Benefits

Big Data for Manufacturing Processes

VEKTOR DIREKTOR™ and ProaXesS are BIG DATA solutions for Process and Manufacturing Plants.

Process and Development Data are different to the transactional and social media data used by common Big Data platforms; therefore the software developed by KAX Group is required

Integrated Solutions

The KAXG business model is based around integration. By providing tools and customised solutions, our business partners can leverage off our expertise and this enables them to provide turnkey solutions to their clients.

Information to Knowledge

Process Analytical Technology (PAT) combined with modern control systems helps organisations to become more innovative and allows them to reduce energy costs, meet green targets and lower waste and rework.

Multivariate Data Analysis (MVDA) is the glue that holds it all together.

Internet of Things (IOT)

Real time data feeds from multiple sensors, machinery and databases can all be combined to enhance understanding.

With Information comes Knowledge and with Knowledge comes the Power to make Real Change.